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Group Therapy

 ● Are you feeling depressed, anxious, or worried?

 ● Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed?

 ● Are you ready to start feeling better?

 ● Then group therapy may be for you!


Group Therapy Works!

Studies have shown that group therapy is an effective method of treatment for depression and anxiety.


Group therapy is also cost-effective when compared to individual therapy.


Group therapy can be an excellent supplement to individual therapy or be used alone.


Group Therapy Provides:

 ● new information to help you make changes and feel better

 ● support and feedback from peers in a strictly confidential setting

 ● a safe place to experiment with new behaviors and new ways of thinking

 ● opportunities to learn from experiences of others with similar problems


Group Therapy Session Now Forming:

Join a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group for depression and anxiety where you can learn new ways of thinking so that you can feel better. This is a small group that meets for 12-weeks under the guidance of a licensed psychologist who is experienced with group therapy. Please see the flyer for more information about this group.


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